Petroleum Reservoir Technique



In general, oil reservoirs have different characteristics depending on composition, temperature, and pressure at the place where hydrocarbon accumulation occurs. An oil reservoir usually has three main elements, namely the presence of a reservoir rock, a cover, and a trap. Currently emerging techniques that are then developed to push petroleum out of the reservoir rock pores is to use other fluids. Petroleum obtained by this method is referred to as “secondary recovery”. Secondary recovery methods that are widely used are waterflooding and gas injection, which emulates or analogizes the production mechanism of “primary recovery” from the thrust of water and gas trapped with petroleum. This training will provide an understanding of petroleum reservoir techniques and optimize the company’s ability to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.



After this training, participants are expected to:

  1. Understand the concept of petroleum reservoir techniques;
  2. Apply knowledge gained in the environment;
  3. Able to optimize the reservoir of petroleum for the common good.



  1. The concept of petroleum reservoir engineering
  2. Physical Properties of Reservoir Rocks
  3. Petroleum Characteristics
  4. Reservoir Driving Mechanism
  5. Types of Reservoirs
  6. Obstacles in petroleum reservoir techniques
  7. Case Study and Discussion



This training is intended for:

  1. Staff, Supervisors, Managers or levels above or from divisions that need this training;
  2. Practitioners or Professionals who want to increase knowledge about petroleum reservoir techniques.



Presentations, Discussions, Brain Storming, Case Study, and Practice.



  • 16-18 Desember 2020
  • 22-24 December 2020
  • 29-31 December 2020
  • 20-22 Januari 2021
  • 15-17 Februari 2021
  • 15-17 Maret 2021
  • 29-31 Maret 2021
  • 21-23 April 2021
  • 24-25 Mei 2021
  • 16-18 Juni 2021
  • 21-23 Juli 2021
  • 18-20 Agustus 2021
  • 15-17 September 2021
  • 28-30 September 2021
  • 19-21 Oktober 2021
  • 17-19 November 2021
  • 15-17 Desember 2021



  • Ibis Styles Hotel Yogyakarta
  • Gino Feruci Hotel Bandung*
  • Sofyan Hotel Jakarta*
  • Harris Seminyak Hotel Bali*
  • In House Training*
  • E-Learning*


The Facility and Investment

  • The facility: Hard Copy Material, USB Flash disk, Training Kits, Coffee Break & Lunch, Certificate, Photo Group, Souvenir;
  • Investment of Rp. 6.200.000,- (Six million rupiah) per participants nonresidential
  • The price is not including taxes



Dr Nur Suhascaryo, dan Team


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    Petroleum Reservoir Technique
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